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Nick Phillips: Werewolves

Theatre (interactive)
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Nick Phillips is an award-winning artist and designer whose career has included working in sculpture, graphic design, games design, interactive events, performance, music and painting. He studied his BA in Fine Arts with a speciality in sculpture in Sheffield, UK and founded The Designers Republic which went on to be a highly influential and multi-award winning design agency. He went on to design computer games at Sony and he was part of the BAFTA award winning team that designed Wip3out. He has designed interactive experiences for events and painted murals in the UK and Australia. His season of the interactive performance of Werewolves in Adelaide Fringe 2017 completely sold out and he was invited to Edinburgh Fringe by two venues.

Werewolves is an interactive game for 12-20 people for ages 12 and up. Each player is dealt a card which is their character for the game (only they know their identity). Most are villagers, some with special abilities to help discover the werewolves; others are the werewolves. By night the werewolves kill off one of the villagers and by day the villagers vote to lynch one of the community, hoping to take out one of the werewolves. There are lots of twists and variables and no two games are the same.



Gilded Balloon at the Museum / Summerhall


20-27 August


12pm (Gilded Balloon)
10.30pm (Summerhall)

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