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Ukulele Death Squad

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The Ukulele Death Squad show is a live music show which aims to entertain and wow by pushing the boundaries of the instrument – the Ukulele. The show is essentially a 50 minute live set with originally composed works blending flamenco, French-gypsy jazz, pop & more as well as recreating a small handful of popular classics. As well as crafting exceptional and unique music, the musicians involved have crafted a high-energy show which quite literally leaves audience blown away.

The Ukulele Death Squad sold out its debut Fringe season (selling over 500 tickets) and garnered an incredible amount of media interest, being featured on ABC Radio, BBC Scotland Radio, Channel 7, Radio Adelaide and several international podcasts and resulting in several interstate festival bookings including Winter Bello Festival (NSW) and the Central Coast Ukulele Festival (NSW).



Leith Depot


9-10 & 13 August



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